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Painted painting of a thoughtful woman

Through Art, a universal message transports us to the true nature of being.

Painting of collibris that fly away
Art, Painting

Beyond our
4 dimensions

Beyond our 4 known dimensions: height, width, depth and time, a multitude of other realities surround us and inhabit us. Each of them connects, intersects and influences each other in an even greater globality.

If this may seem unreal in words, it becomes much clearer in the picture.

My paintings are windows on the multidimensional human. Visions that contribute to the emancipation of our potential.

Our curiosity is irresistibly attracted by the exploration of the unknown and who we are.

So, it is crucial to choose what we consume intellectually as we choose what grows in our garden, my paintings, are like orchids for the soul.


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Michelle P.

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John J.

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Smith T.